My Turn is an annual event, organised by FinalTouch Ent. aimed at raising the awareness of Sickle Cell and Beta Thalassemia.

Sickle cell is not a disease to be contracted rather a sex-linked character that is inherited from parents to offspring. This disorder has served as a natural selection (the survival of the fittest) throughout the tropical belt / regions of the world. The fittest individuals carry the Sickle Cell trait, which helps them to survive better in the tropics against malaria caused by the female anopheles mosquito. Individuals that Inherit both Sickle gene become less susceptible to survive. Tropical belt of South America, Africa and Asia mostly have the Sickle Cell gene whilst those in the Mediterranean belt have the same form of this disorder known as Beta Thalassemia. Within the individuals that suffer from this disorder during crisis their red blood cells constrict assuming the crescent moon shape, they are unable to move through the small venous capillaries causing obstruction to the blood flow, as such the cells stick together in joints and the spleen causing excruciating pain. The defected red blood cells are not able to carry less to no oxygen, as such there is more lactic acid accumulation in the body making the individuals to feel tired. The regular red blood cells have 120 days life span but the sickle cells have 5-20 days this shorten life span causes the anaemic condition not due to lack of iron. It is not easy to irradiate this condition from the generation, as the fittest survivors would always donate the Sickle gene amongst the generation as such measures to suppress its effects are being worked on by the medical officials to allow Sickler’s survive the condition. Contact The Sickle Cell Society for statistics and more in-depth information.

The event enables local talent exhibited to raise funds in support of a worthy cause on the 6th August 2016. This is the first screening of the event held at Tottenham Chances and hosted by Miss Great Britain United Nations Emily Blake along side Ghana’s movie star Ernest G-Holm aka MC Prekese and Jazz singer OmarTKIF.

The event comprises of an exhibition of local arts and craft, as well as merchandise from the Sickle Cell Society. Children from Note By Note Music Academy and Duke Of Yorks Royal Military School will be performing on the day. A range of Live music performances from Afrobeat, Reggae Dancehall, UK Urban Rap, Jazz, and Rhythm and Blues. There will be an exclusive performance of ‘My Turn’ from the song writer / singer Navrika, exclusive tracks from Topskye BandIsaac Asumadu’ from his Album released on 15th May “Believe in Yourself” and dance routines from ABC Dancers. Also on the night the FT Cypher 2016, (produced by Dr. Gido) will be performed. Deejay Frankie Dee from Sonic Radio will be on the decks providing an array of tunes to keep the event live.

The pinnacle of the event is a showcase of new collections from fashion designer 101Clothing – presenting his casual, beach and corporate wear.

The Sickle Cell Society would be making a presentation and all donations to the society are welcome.

Media Houses / press / marketing companies interested in supporting the show can contact Ama, from FinalTouch Ent. Also email for press passes and interview arrangements.

Any companies and individuals interested in donating towards this cause and advertising at My Turn can also be emailed to


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